Clean air – pure sense

Our philosophy

We do not only want to supply products and solutions. We want to create value.
We find it very important that our products and solutions for process ventilation and spot extraction are designed to obtain the best possible functionality and ease of use. This we find is important for both the installer and for the everyday operator.
We prioritize to deliver solutions, so that our customers do not only receive a number of separate well-functioning products but a complete solution which fixes their exact pains.

Danish service – danish quality

Our solutions

To protect people at work we remove exhaust gasses, fumes, smoke, dust and other substances from the work place.
To protect the environment, we filter the air and remove the damaging particles – and we do it with a reduced noise level and a low use of energy.
Our products are honest and easy to understand. We work with various segments of which removal of welding fumes and exhaust gasses are important.
For welding fumes our range of extraction arms, filters, fans, and accessories are typical parts of our delivery. Before we receive the order from our customer, we have often given our advice about how they should design the system to get the optimal solution.
For exhaust gasses our range of hose reels, nozzles, channel ducts, and systems for emergency vehicles are often requested by our customers. Various solutions can solve the problems, and we are ready to help our customers finding the best solution.
When our customers do not find the optimal solution in our standard product range, we search for a customized solution. We use our expertise, our innovative minds, and our fast reaction to find a solution. If we cannot find a solution, we are honest about it.

Our customers

We exist for our customers – the installations companies. And we exist for their customers – various industrial companies, auto workshops, schools, military and many more.
We want to give them the best possible service including honest products, competent advices, quick response, fast delivery, a high level of reliability and much more.
We service our customers with a vast range of products and solutions for process ventilation and spot extraction. A service we provide all over the World.

Our value proposition

Business with Geovent equals high personal involvement, a dynamic partnership and an immense focus on creating value.
We consider quick responses, tailored solutions, and an exchange of knowledge as key components in achieving profitable installations for our partners, and satisfied end-customers who do not get sick from going to work.


We want to run Geovent in harmony and balance with our stakeholders and the society at large.

As part of this, we have developed a number of policies that set out the general guidelines for our business operations, including an ESG policy that addresses sustainability, occupational health and safety, among other issues.

These policies are set by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board. We are continually developing our policies and reserve the right to amend them as appropriate. The policies are embodied in the Vision, Strategies and Plans of Geovent.

Specifically, the ESG policy honors the applicable legislation, with which we always comply. Furthermore, we continuously work to support the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Sharing knowledge makes you strong

Our commitment: Clear air – Pure sense

We will do our best to help you with your ventilation or extraction needs, no matter the industry.

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