Why choose Geovent?

We are a more than 50 year old company with passion for ventilation and extraction

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We keep focus on the environment

We take great pride in constantly development of ourselves and we focus intensely on thought out, healthy and energy-efficient solutions. The right equipment in the right place can give energy savings of 80% or more, to the benefit of both the economy and the environment.

This approach combined with our ability to turn ideas into actions helps us to ensure a continued growth to the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Honest products at honest prices

We constantly focus on creating the best possible solutions for our customers. With our customers in focus, we constantly work on developing products, where price, quality and application are tailored to our customers’ wishes and needs.

Great customer experiences

We are focus on giving the best possible experiences to our customers.

Therefore, we have investigated the seps, which our customers go through when buying and installing our products.

Even though our customers express a high level of satisfaction, we are dedicated to give even better customer experiences.


We want you to have a good experience when choosing our products. Find our terms and conditions of Sale and Delivery here.

Geovent GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR is a new European General Data Protection Regulation, which becomes effective on 25 May 2018. The objective of GDPR is to have the same regulations for data protection throughout the EU-member states and to give the residents better control of how and when their data are used.

Even though GDPR is EU-regulation, it applies to all companies marketing goods or services to EU-residents, irrespective of where the company is located.