Flexible solution adapted to the task

Torben has been an apprentice blacksmith with us for 2 years. As a blacksmith, he has to develop a wide range of skills within the trade, and Torben is good at what he is doing. He is among other things a skilled welder, and in the photo he is doing a major welding job. In […]

UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The wish for a healthier working environment has increased over time, and it has spread all over the World. For decades Governmental bodies In the Nordic Countries have demanded a high level of worker protection in the working environment, no least when it comes to fumes, dust, exhaust gasses etc.. The “UN 17 Sustainable Development […]

Upscaling in our logistics department

In November 2020 we welcomed Rasmus Lyhne Sønderriis as our Logistic Assistant, and on 27th April this year, we will welcome Svitlana Holotiuk as a trainee within logistics. As a part of the logistics team they will help us to secure our supply chain from ordering at suppliers to our delivery to our customers satisfaction.We […]

We love corrosion resistance!

Most of our fans are installed outside – on a wall or a roof. Therefore, corrosion resistance is highly important, and consequently our fans are made of galvanized steel. However, some customers are used to painted products and of course we grant their requests. The fan on the picture has a large size outlet flange […]

The GeoFilter GFH and GFH Plus

We are proud to introduce a new series of large size filter units – The GeoFilter GFH and GFH Plus. With an airflow of up to 15,000 m³/h and being applicable for a wide range of applications, the GFH filter unit widens the Geovent product range importantly. With a rugged design, parts of painted galvanized […]

Is it ATEX?

When gasses or dust is to be extracted the question of ATEX is coming up? At Ottobock Ireland (www.ottobock.ie) this question came up, as they are using grinding methods to adapt their prostheses and orthoses to the clients. This was classified as ATEX. Together with the wish for an efficient filter unit, this made them […]

Larger vehicles in farming – higher demands to the extraction system

Over the years the size of tractors and other farming vehicles have increased.This enhances the need for efficient extraction systems at the workshops maintaining and repairing the vehicles. At Brdr. Thorsen Maskincenter they have chosen a solution with Geovent channel ducts.With 2 trolleys on the channel duct there is maximum flexibility. The vehicles can be […]

Working in car repair shops can be tough

CERA extraction arm

Therefore, we focus on products which gives a better working environment. With the new CERA exhaust arm we have created a solution for removing exhaust gases from the working environment. A solution which combines clean air with flexibility and easy operation. The CERA exhaust arm is 360° rotatable and designed with several joints, so that […]

New extraction arms and correct use

Often companies have old and malfunctioning extraction equipment.This means that the health of the employees is not protected from illnesses and consequently, increased costs. In connection with improving the extraction solutions at a supplier for the fishing industry on the Faroe Islands, our dialogue was instrumental for the employees of the company.Now the efficient Wing […]

Dentists demand a safe work environment

Dentists, podiatrists, and others experience a demand and a need for extraction of air from the treatment room, due to the Covid-19 situation, in order to protect their patients, employees, and themselves. Together with other measures this extraction of air close to the patient gives an extra protection by reducing the rate of pollutants that […]