Effective extraction at dentists

Dentists, podiatrists, and others experience a demand and a need for extraction of air from the treatment room in order to protect their patients, employees, and themselves.

It is important to follow the guidelines and regulations from The Ministry of Health and other official bodies in order to protect both patients and employees, and to make them feel safe and secure.
The use of face masks, eye protection, protective clothing etc. are obvious options.

Extraction of air close to the patient is an additional opportunity. It gives an extra protection by reducing the rate of pollutants that the patients, dentists and other persons are exposed to.

We offer various solutions which are available as standard solutions and solutions fitted to the specific purpose. Our solutions secure a comfortable and safe environment by reducing the amount of dust, aerosols, and viruses in the treatment room.

Solutions to match every need
Extraction close to the patient can be made by means of a fixed installation with the extraction arm mounted in the ceiling, on the wall, or in a table. The extraction arm, connected to a fan and a filter by means of a hose or ducting. Such solution can be made for a single treatment room or a complete system for multiple treatment rooms.
We offer 2 series of extraction arm, which are flexible, efficient, and suitable for such solutions.
Our range of fans includes a number of duct fans which are suitable for solutions in treatment rooms. They are built into the ducting and we recommend that also a HEPA filter is built in, in order to clean the extracted air for e.g. viruses.

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