PERMA extraction arms for use in hospitals, laboratories, electronics manufacturing, food industry and a lot of other applications

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extraction arms for laboratories, food industry and other applications

PERMA extraction arms

The PERMA arm is suitable for use at hairdressers, dental clinics, jewellers, in pharmacies, veterinary clinics, podiatric surgeries, schools, laboratories / hospitals, and food manufacturing plants.

Further it is suitable for the electronics industry (ESD approved), the chemical, plastic, and engineering industries.

The PERMA arm consists of a standard aluminium tube with two molded plastic (POM) joints. Available in two pipe sizes – ø57mm and ø76mm. The anodized surface is standard. Equipped with removable black plastic covers for easy cleaning. The flexible self-supporting construction consists of 2 or 3 parts of aluminium tubes, a base and table brackets, and a wide selection of accessories.

The arms are available with white or black joints.

Some of the key elements of the assortment are the patented installation system for the spiral pipe and the cleaning friendly arm joints. The joint can increase efficiency by approximately 25% compared with other arms in the market.

We offer a wide range of accessories for suction arms: Hoppers, suction pens, and hoods with and without a flexible tube/hose. There are different accessories for each type of extraction arm: ø57, ø57 ESD, ø76, and ø76 ESD. ESD is available only in black.

The suction nozzles are available in clear impact resistant polycarbonate with an orifice diameter of up to 380 mm, or aluminium which can withstand considerable heat. As standard it is delivered with a rotary damper to open and close the air passage. The flexible pipe section allows replacement of the suction port / screen while acting as a pivot.

Round hood

Conical hood

Flat hood

Aluminium hood

Extraction pen

Extraction pen w/hose

Table bracket, mounted on edge of table

Table bracket

Base for wall/ceiling


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