Extraction of exhaust fumes

When the car repair shop repairs a car, the haulage contractor repairs a truck, or the building contractor a ditch digger, often a Geovent product is in use. Our wide range of hose reels ensures that the user always has a hose at hand, when there is a need for efficient extraction of exhaust fumes. Our channel duct solutions are easy and flexible to equip, e.g. so that the exhaust fumes from e.g. a truck are easily extracted at the source. The result of a GEOVENT professional solutions is a workplace, which secures a better working environment for the mechanics. With a professional extraction solution customers get the impression of a professional and well-run repair shop. For emergency vehicles like fire trucks we offer special concepts which are automatic, efficient and safe with automatic decoupling systems.
Hose reel

Hose reels GTE – electric driven

Hose reel type GTE – electric driven. With a wide selection of nozzles, types of hoses, and accessories.
Width: 750 to 1400 mm
Dim.: ø80 to ø200 mm
Length up to 15 meter

Hose Reel wall

Hose reels GTS – spring driven

Hose reel type GTS – spring driven. With a wide selection of nozzles, types of hoses, and accessories.
Width: 750 to 1000 mm
Dim.: ø80 to ø150 mm
Length up to 10 meter

CERA Exhaust arm

CERA exhaust arm

The Geovent CERA exhaust arm provides a non-contact and efficient exhaust gas extraction.

Suction channel duct for exhaust gas extraction

The channel duct

The channel duct type 35. Flexible and efficient to be used in various applications. A wide range of accessories are available.

Hood for train in a galvanized desingn.

Hood for train

When the train drives into the maintenance garage, the hoods are automatically lowered to a position right above the exhaust pipe of the train and all gas is extracted effectively.

Exhaust nozzles

A wide selection of nozzles for connecting hoses to exhaust pipes of cars, trucks, wheel loaders, caterpillars, fire trucks, tanks, and any other vehicle