A sustainable solution

Next in Ishøj is an ambitious technical school that wants to make a difference

They have just furnished new premises to be used for training in welding and machining.
In this connection, they have wanted an effective extraction solution, which both protects the students and cleans the extraction air so that it does not pollute the surroundings. The solution was created by the consultants Spangenberg & Madsen.
In the welding department, Compact arms with motor dampers and PowerSmart II are used. This means that suction in the arm is not opened unless the welding machine is activated. At the same time, the fan is controlled by a Multibox III, so that the speed of the fan is adapted to the number of arms in use. This way the power consumption is minimized.
The extraction from the machines is controlled the same way, so that only suction from machines that are running.
The exhaust air from welding is purified in an efficient GFB2 filter – and the air from the machines in a GFO-XT oil mist filter. After cleaning, the air is sent through a comfort unit, which reuses the heat from the exhaust air to heat the intake air. An optimal exploitation of the energy.
All in all, NEXT has an optimized solution that is sustainable and future-proof.

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