Vestas: Your problem is our problem

Vestas is a large well-known and worldwide company known for its high quality wind turbines.

Over the years, we have supplied several project to Vestas in cooperation with our loyal installation companies,

Once in a while there are problems with the final adjustment of our products. In the case on the photo, the installation company was not able to adjust the Geovent ESA extraction arms to fit their specific need. Our service technician, Kim Hansen, secured that the needed adaptations were made and went on site to adjust the arms as needed.

This reaction is a part of our culture: If a customer has a problem – we have a problem.

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    About Geovent

    We are a dynamic company which specializes in the development and manufacturing of components and systems for advanced industrial ventilation.

    We have been known as pioneers in this area since 1968.

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    Wide range of hoods ideal for the extraction of welding fumes and vapours.

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    Wide range of industrial filters – from welding fumes to oil mists – we have most filtering solutions.

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    Geovent offers a wide range of fans for industrial processes with air volumes up to 55.000m³/h.

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    Extraction arms for welding fumes, vapours, and dust.