We can help you to find the right solution

We have a professional technical sales team to guide and advise you

We have a range of standard products which satisfied all the most normal needs for extraction and ventilation of exhaust gasses, fumes, dust etc. However, if you need a special solution, our team is ready to guide you.
Contact us and let us hear about your challenges, so that you can create a healthy and safe workplace.

The right solution

At Geovent, we have considerable experience in solving even the most complex tasks

We know that happy customers al­ways return. As a Geovent customer you will receive serious and competent advice on energy-friendly and reliable ventilation and extraction systems – irrespective of your requirements.

Our standard range of products cover most needs but often we do also supply customized solutions to the customer’s specific needs.

A professional solution includes the services around the products. Our flexibility and the fact that we have many of our products in stock means that we have short deliv­ery times.

On a daily basis we do our best to help our customers to avoid problems. Our approach has made us one of the leading suppliers in the market with a solid position in more then 22 countries.

Get a step by step insight into the process in customizing products

Geovent is involved in the entire process – from the start to the finished product. We are experienced in customizing products when needed.

Sales team
The customer calls and consults our skilled technical sales personnel.
Together they find the optimal solution. We will adapt our products if our standard solutions do not suit the customer’s needs.

Your product is created
Standard solutions and customized products are designed. Drawings of the products are made in 3D.

From the design programme to a finished product
We start producing your order based on specifications and drawings of your product. Parts are punched out, steel plates are bent an so on.
Once all parts have been produced, these are assembled into the final product.

We pack and deliver your goods
We carefully pack your products and prepare them for shipping. Our transportation company secures delivery on the right time and the right place, and you will be able to follow the delivery on our Track & trace platform.
If you need technical support after delivery we are here for you.

Standard solutions

Geovent A/S has a wide selection of standard products, which means that we have solutions for a wide range of applications. Among other things, we are experienced in industrial extraction and extraction of exhaust gasses from e.g. emergency vehicles, military installations, inspection halls etc. This has given us valuable experience with customized solutions for customers where the requirements are greater than usual.

Geovent are specialists in solutions which follows the vehicle, which requires know-how and experience.

Customized solutions

Geovent A/S is also capable of delivering customized solutions. We happily tailor our solutions to suit the customers needs. If you currently have an extraction need that cannot be solved with standard components, we happily provide a non-binding offer for a customized solution. We can always find the right solution for your needs – whether it is oil mist, dust, fumes, exhaust gasses or something else. Contact us and tell us about your challenges. All of our solutions live up to the requirements for a healthy and safe workplace.

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